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Wide Load Hauling Services | Oversized/Overweight Load Transport


Bank on Heavy Haulers to deliver your oversized load safely to its destination. Our drivers are experts at loading oversized loads onto their trailers. We help you gather permits, acquire insurance and calculate your fees. For great wideload logistics, call us at (800) 908-6206.

Oversized Load Hauling

Shipping Oversized Caterpillar 335F Excavator Oversized Caterpillar Excavator Transport

Transport of Caterpillar 335F Excavator

We transported this 2015 Caterpillar 335F Excavator as an oversized load from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Sacaton, Arizona. That’s 700 miles! The machine travelled with its 54-inch bucket intact. Weight: 83, 703 pounds. Length: 32 feet 5 inches. Width: 11 feet 3 inches. Height: 12 feet.

Hauling Oversized Duoublewide Trailer Overwidth doublewide hauling

Hauling Doublewide Trailer

We hauled this doublewide trailer from Fremont, California, to Merced, California. That’s more than 100 miles! We can organize and deliver your oversized mobile homes. Call us. Weight: 25,000 pounds. Length: 60 feet. Width: 10 feet. Height: 12 feet.

Plane Tranportation Service Shipping a Plane

Plane Transport

We can transport your aircraft overland. For this oversized load, we removed the wings from this jetliner. Speak with us about planning your oversized shipment. Our logistics professionals are here to guide you through the regulations required for shipping oversized loads. Ring us, (800) 908-6206.

Transport Mobile Home Mobile Home Delivery

Mobile Home Transport

Shipping Mobile Home Mobile Home Transportation

Shipping Mobile Home

We shipped this mobile home from Coweta, Oklahoma, to Anacortes, Washington. That’s more than 2,100 miles! We can organize and ship your oversized mobile home. Call us. Weight: 25,000 pounds. Length: 46 feet. Width: 11.8 feet. Height: 15.2 feet.

Shipping an entire house Transporting a House

Hauling a Mobile Home

Oversized Load Transport Services

Terex TA40 Oversized Dump Truck Transport Terex TA40 Oversized Dump Truck Haul

Terex TA40 Oversized Dump Truck Shipping

We shipped this Terex TA40 Off Road Dump Truck from West Hatfield, Massachusetts, to Spring Hill, Kansas. One of the largest vehicles we’ve ever shipped! Call Heavy Haulers to handle your heaviest loads. Weight: 68,000 pounds. Length: 36 feet. Width: 11 feet 4 inches. Height: 12 feet 8 inches.

Shipping Terex TA40 Off Road Dump Truck Transporting Terex TA40 Off Road Dump Truck

Terex TA40 Off Road Dump Truck Transport

We transported this Terex TA40 Off Road Dump Truck nearly 1,400 miles across the United States. The 68,000-pound oversized load traveled through six states, including New York, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. That's a heavy haul! We can handle your oversized transport logistics. Give us a call at (800) 908-6206.

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