March 27, 2018
Bulldozer Shipping: Heavy Haulers vs. Fr8Star

Heavy Haulers can beat Fr8Star’s price to ship equipment nearly every time. To prove it, we compared Fr8Star’s offers to ship a Komatsu bulldozer against…

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March 20, 2018
Transporting A Dozer: Heavy Haulers vs. UShip

Heavy Haulers offers a better service, at a cheaper price, than UShip. To prove it, we compared offers to ship a bulldozer from a Florida…

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Komatsu D51PX 22 Bulldozer
March 13, 2018
Case Study: Heavy Haulers vs. Online Equipment Shippers

On the heels of the Florida Winter Auctions, we decided to compare one of our Heavy Haulers quotes for moving equipment against the quotes of…

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New Holland B95b backhoe fits on a step-deck trailer
March 6, 2018
Three Steps for Shipping Construction Equipment

Follow these three basic steps for shipping your construction equipment, and your transport should be a success. First, gather the exact dimensions of your equipment.…

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