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Choose the Right Trailer to Haul Your Construction Equipment

William Thomas

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

Make your life easier by choosing the correct trailer to haul your construction equipment. There’s no reason in this world to send your valuable machinery out on the road on an overloaded trailer.

Your Construction Equipment Transportation Guide

Flatbed trailers are good for hauling smaller pieces of construction equipment. Height restrictions come into play here. Nothing taller than 8 ½ feet travels on a flatbed trailer. Plus, you’ll need a viable method of loading your equipment on a flatbed trailer. Ramps won’t work because the flatbed is too high off the ground. Step-deck trailers allow you to drive your equipment aboard.  Ditto for RGN trailers. Step-decks load from the rear, while RGNs load from the front. Either way, it’s a whole lot easier to drive your self-propelled construction equipment on board a trailer than it is to lift it aboard.

Anything that’s oversize must travel on a specialized RGN trailer, like a lowboy or a multi-axle trailer. The largest RGN trailers have more than 20 axles and stretch to more than 65 feet. Cargo weighing up to 150,00 pounds or more can be transferred on a specialized RGN trailer.

Construction equipment transport

Flatbed Trailers: Perfect for Compact Equipment

Step Deck Trailers: Nice for Mid-Sized Equipment

Step-deck trailers can transport a maximum of 48,000 pounds. A step-deck trailer can transport cargo that doesn’t exceed 10 feet in height or 8 ½ feet in width. Step-deck trailers usually are 48 feet long, which includes an 11-foot deck and a 37-foot well. Step-deck trailers allow you to drive or tow your equipment aboard using ramps. Since the ramps are fairly steep, machinery with little ground clearance is difficult to load on a step-deck trailer. Step-deck trailers are more adaptable than flatbed trailers to your construction equipment’s dimensions. For construction equipment, step-deck trailers can be used to transport: • Easier to load via forklift • Can transports taller loads without requiring additional permits • Suitable for towing a wide variety of equipment • Goods can be stacked on the lower level to transport more at a time

• Backhoe loaders
• Bulldozers
• Construction forklifts
• Mini excavators
• Skid steers
• Trenchers
• Wheel loaders

Small-to-mid sized backhoes, dozers and wheel loaders fit great on step-deck trailers. Though your mini-excavator might fit on a flatbed trailer, it’s a lot easier to drive in onto a step-deck trailer. Telehandlers, rough-terrain forklifts and self-propelled trenchers are made to travel on step-deck trailers. Skid steers too tall for flatbed trailers often ship aboard step-deck trailers as partial loads.

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5 responses to “Choose the Right Trailer to Haul Your Construction Equipment”

  1. Shaylee Packer says:

    You mentioned that flatbed trailers generally range between 48 and 58 feet long. Is there such a thing as a mini trailer for transporting smaller equipment? My brother has a small landscaping company, and he just needs a small trailer for the mower and trimmer.

    • Natasha Post says:

      Hi Shaylee! Thanks for reaching out. If you give us a call, one of our transport specialists will be happy to help you determine the best trailer for the mower and trimmer. (800) 908-6206

  2. Alice Carroll says:

    It’s interesting to know that flatbed trailers can be up to 8 1/2 feet tall. One of the hurdles I’m trying to figure out right now it how to transport a 6-feet statue from my garden to my family’s vacation home two cities away. Heavy hauling services seems like a very convenient way to do that.

  3. Kayla says:

    My dad needs to transport a lot of farm supplies to his farm, however, our truck is too small. It was mentioned here that, flatbed trailers can take a maximum weight of 48,000 pounds. Furthermore, having the right type of trailer can help achieve a successful haul.

  4. Ellie Davis says:

    I didn’t know that RGN trailers were good for heavy lifting. Construction sites always seem to have crazy amounts of machines. I wonder if a flatbed truck could be used to transport some of this equipment.

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