Oversize CAT Bulldozer being hauled
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Shipping an Over-Width CAT D7R Bulldozer on an RGN Trailer

Brian Goncharsky from Heavy Haulers recently undertook the shipping of this 56,097 pound Caterpillar D7R Bulldozer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to Jasonville, Indiana. Equipment shipping projects for over-width cargos are our specialty, and load specialists like Brian Goncharsky utilize years of professional experience during their execution. We pride ourselves in being able to handle any size of construction equipment with the same flexibility for oversize and undersize loads.

Oversize CAT Bulldozer on a trailer

This CAT D7R had a length of 13.3 ft. and a body width of 8 ft. while its full shovel was 10.4 ft. long., requiring shipping permits and escort vehicles. 

The oversize load was driven on its tracks onto the detached gooseneck trailer’s lowered deck, and then positioned squarely in the middle of the platform. This trailer's bed platform was made from high tensile steel and made stronger with carbon steel crossbars, which feature an antiskid surface. Chain tie-downs were used to secure the bulldozer for the 540-mile journey, and the entire transport was flagged as an oversize load.

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Oversize CAT Bulldozer being hauled

Once prepping and securing were done, Brian handed over the cross-state permits to the driver and load handler team, and the bulldozer transport was put underway. This transport required a pilot and escort vehicles, which Brian deployed for some problematic areas of the route during the 18-hour drive.

However, thanks to Brian's experience in heavy hauling, he knew exactly how to handle the situation. As one of our senior logistics agents, we know that we can count on Brian to handle any situation that comes his way. If you need something moved, Brian is always the man to call.

Secure offloading was done at Jasonville, IN, with the gooseneck trailer detaching to allow the CAT D7R bulldozer to slide off the platform, as quickly as loading had been done.  

Our no deposit fees meant that this consignment’s client was only billed when the transport was satisfactorily completed, and our no hidden charge shipping prices were very industry competitive. The transportation was finalized, and the CAT D7R was handed over to its service station, as is standard with the Heavy Haulers guaranteed delivery promise.


Brian Goncharsky performed all the logistics and dispatching for this Caterpillar D7R, organizing and coordinating with the client even after delivery had been made. 

  • Height:  17.5 ft.
  • Weight: 56,097 lbs.
  • Length: 13.3 ft.
  • Width: 8 ft. 
  • Transport miles: 540 miles
  • Transport route: I-94 E

Brian Goncharsky

Brian Goncharsky is a senior logistics professional at Heavy Haulers, he coordinated this entire transport from start to finish, If you'd like a shipping estimate or more information on transportation from Brian please call him at his direct contact below.

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