Up close image of mobile office on a drop deck trailer.
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Our shipping specialist Brian H. was contacted by a returning customer to have this single 15,000-pound office trailer moved from Saint Joseph, Louisiana to McLeansboro, Illinois. Brian performed a load evaluation on the phone and again on-site to determine the most effective method to use for the office trailer shipment. After that, a route plan was drawn up with the help of Heavy Haulers' dispatchers who then deployed the perfect stretch, double drop deck trailers.

Semi Truck Hauling Mobile Office Trailer
Mobile offices on two semi trucks.

Since the office trailer was too wide to transport singly, they split it into two to facilitate easier and safer shipping. Cranes were then used to winch the 46 foot long and 24 feet wide modular office trailer on to two of our double drop deck trailers. Each office trailer load now had a width of 12 feet and a weight of 7,500 pounds for more comfortable hauling.

Up close image of mobile office on a drop deck trailer.
Riding on a Drop Deck.

They prepped the 12-foot high office trailer haul by securing both modules with tie-downs and chains for shipping. Both office trailer sections now had one open side, which Brian and his team of load handlers covered with tarpaulins. Brian obtained all the overweight load permits for the journey from Louisiana to Illinois, and he deployed two escort vehicles for the oversized consignments.

Heavy Haulers double drop deck or “RGN” trailers that undertook this consignment have reverse gooseneck couplings that simplified the loading process by backing up into the yard at Saint Joseph. The high office trailers were better accommodated by the lower platform of the lowboy trailers for interstate shipping. Distance to transport was 562 miles, and the convoy took interstate 55 North to McLeansboro, IL 62859.

Semi trucks driving with mobile offices on trailers
The convoy is underway, ready to take on the open road.

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50-Mile Integrity Check Saved This Mobile Office Trailer Transport

As the two drop deck trailer convoy began the haul of the office trailer, Heavy Haulers expert drivers performed their usual 50-mile cargo integrity check to ensure that the rigging and tarpaulin were intact.

On stopping at a safe location, the crew inspected the office trailers only to find that high winds had torn the tarpaulin from one of the open office trailers, and the gash was exposing the interior to the elements.

They knew they needed to handle it carefully, and with precision to ensure the office trailer made it the rest of the way without damage. Luckily, Brian was on top of it, instructing the skilled drivers on how to handle the situation.

Torn tarp from high winds.
The crew notices a tear in the tarp.
Reparing the tarp
The crew begins repairs.
Tarp fully repaired with red tape.
Tarp is ready to go.

The crew then made tape seals on the tarp completely securing the office trailers’ open side for the rest of the journey. Had the tear gone unnoticed, there would have been damage inflicted by the high roadway draft to the interior furnishings within the office trailer.

After sealing the tarp, the relocation of the office trailer section resumed without incident. Prior to transport, Brian provided the client with an online load tracking link. Every four hours an update was provided, so the client could follow the mobile office trailer's progress.

Mobile office trailer final approach.
The trucks final approach

Brian handled this job from initial call to final delivery. The customer was more than satisfied.

Check out the specs!

  • Height: 12 ft.
  • Weight: 15000 lbs.
  • Length: 46 ft.
  • Width: 24 ft. split into two of 12 ft. each
  • Transport miles: 562.6 miles


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